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(defmacro foo (&whole w) ...)

Well, OK.  I don't think it is very important to mix &whole with other
things, and if we do I don't think it's very important to catch
too-many-args errors, let alone to signal them in the canonical way
rather than in some other way.  But I've got to admit that your way is
cleaner.  You win, as far as I'm concerned.

Now, what about arglists with ONLY an &whole argument?  Should we adopt
Moon's suggestion that these, as a special case, can accept any number
of subforms, or should we require the explicit &rest arg here as well?
This special case would eliminate most of the inconvenience I was
objecting to before, and this use seems clear and intuitive to me, but
it IS a special case.  How muich does that bother people?  Does anyone
really want an automatically generated check to ensure that there are NO

-- Scott