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Questions from M. Hagiya

    Date: Sun, 26 Aug 1984  23:03 EDT
    From: Skef Wholey <Wholey@CMU-CS-C.ARPA>

	Re:   Questions from M. Hagiya

	While LOADing a file, what is the value of *standard-input*?  (I told
	him that I thought for a character file it really ought to be the file
	stream, but the manual needs to say and doesn't.  What should it be when
	the file is binary?)

    I don't think anything should happen to *Standard-Input*.  Consider a program
    (i.e. a file of Lisp code) that wants to query the user when it is loaded.  In
    that case, leaving *Standard-Input* as is is useful.  I can't think of any
    useful thing one could do with having *Standard-Input* be bound to the file.

Users must be queried over *query-io*, not *standard-input*.