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*print-case* and *print-escape*

    Date: Sun, 5 Aug 1984  14:09 EDT
    From: Rob MacLachlan <RAM@CMU-CS-C.ARPA>

	Should *print-case* and *print-escape* interact?  In says in the
    CLM is several places that when *print-escape* is NIL, a symbol is
    printed simply as the characters in its name.

My belief is that this is just an oversight in the manual (text not updated
when *print-case* was installed) and that the printer option variables should
be handled orthogonally as much as possible.  Thus
(write 'foo :escape nil :case :downcase) should print a lowercase foo, as it
does in our implementation.

	If I set *print-case* to :downcase because I like Unix and then do
    a (princ '|This is a program ported from MACLISP.|) should that print
	this is a program ported from maclisp.
Yes.  It's not Maclisp-compatible if *print-case* isn't :upcase.