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Clearly non-controversial

Here are several clearly non-controversial functions which I think
should be considered for inclusion in the language.

 USER-NAME						[function]
  A string is returned that identifies the current user of the
  Common Lisp system.  If a reasonable name cannot be determined,
  NIL is returned (or an empty-string?).

(It has been suggested that this should be called something like
USER-INFORMATION and take a lot of keyword arguments.)
 DELETE-SETF-METHOD access-fn				[function]
  Removes the update form associated with the symbol access-fn.
  The access function can no longer be used as generalized

 HASH-TABLE-REHASH-SIZE  hash-table			[function]
 HASH-TABLE-REHASH-TRESHOLD  hash-table			[function]
 HASH-TABLE-SIZE  hash-table				[function]
 HASH-TABLE-TEST  hash-table				[function]
  These functions return the values that were specified when
  the hash-table was created.

 DELETE-PACKAGE	package					[function]
  Uninterns all the symbols interned in package, deletes the package,
  and unuses all packages it uses.  An error is signaled if the 
  package is used by any other package.

 UNCOMPILE symbol					[function]
  Restores the interpreted function definition of a symbol if
  the symbol's function definition was compiled by the COMPILE

 COMPILEDP symbol					[function]
  Returns NIL if the symbol does not have a compiled function
  definition.  Returns T if the symbol has a compiled function
  definition which was not compiled by the COMPILE function;
  for example, loaded from a compiled file.  Returns the
  interpreted function definition if the function was compiled
  by the COMPILE function.
(This list used to contain TERMINALP which returned T if its
 argument (string, pathname, etc.) was an "interactive terminal".
 I think this function would be useful, but decided I was unable
 to define what a terminal is, so removed it.)

-Gary Brown