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Problems with MAKE-HASH-TABLE

I got a response from Dan Aronson concerning my problems with the
:REHASH-THRESHOLD argument to MAKE-HASH-TABLE.  I still don't understand

He said that when the threshold was an integer, then the rehash size also
had to be an integer and the table should grow when it is greater than
threshold/size percent full.  Dan, did you mean threshold/rehash-size
or threshold/original-size?  Don't forget, the rehash size is the number
of entries to ADD, not the new size.  I think the book wants to say
that the threshold is an integer greater than zero and less than the
size after rehashing, not the rehash-size.

I still don't know what to do if the threshold is a fraction.  Is that
a fraction of the original size or the rehashed size?

I can use plenty of common sense when reading the description, but it
still doesn't make any sense.

- Paul