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Re: left to right order of evaluation

I distinctly remember having a discussion about this at one of the few
Common Lisp meetings (in Pittsburgh?).  As I recall, it was decided (with
little debate) that left-to-right order of argument evaluation was adopted.
While the decision regarding this issue in particular does not necessarily
imply strict left-to-right evaluation, this topic arose when someone at the
meeting asked if the default value expressions for optional arguments could
refer to an argument preceding the optional in the formal parameter list (in
left-to-right order, of course).  This led to the topic of whether, in
general, left-to-right evaluation order was required.  The answer to both
questions, as I recall, was yes.

Rather than depend on my or someone else's memory, did anyone keep notes
of the meetings?  I think Guy did.


P.S.  Not that this recollection solves the problem of deciding whether or
not the decision of the committee was the "right" one or not......  -- if
such matters are open to change.  (I hope not.)