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Re: left to right order of evaluation

I don't think the paragraph on page 61 specifies order of evaluation
of argument forms. It is talking about application of a function, not
evaluating arguments to which a function will get applied. From the
third paragraph on page 61 it seems clear that ``processed'' does
not include evaluation of argument forms as it talks about intermingling
binding of variables and ``processing''.

The bottom of page 58 and top of 59 seem to be the place to specify
order of evaluation and there there is no mention of order of
evaluation. There should be something explicit there even if it is to
say the order is undefined.

I think the right thing is left to right evaluation of argument forms
and mute on when the symbol-to-function mapping happens. No readable code
could rely on either order for the latter.

(Gee, wouldn't it be fun to be a lawyer...)