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The Perq at UCLA, which I have seen in person, is running the Beta release
of S5 with the "slasher 1" version of lisp -- that is, a pre-release, not
even Beta.  Thus, it does not have any of the new interfaces.  I believe
that it is using Ucode from before the fast funcall stuff and caching was
put in, but don't recall for sure.  That is, the ucode is probably 2 major
revisions old; and at least 1 major revision old.  Also, no one has a Perq
lisp yet with the faster startup granted by using only the new interfaces.
(Every version of Perq lisp that I know of still uses the old ones at least
internally -- thus they must be initialized as before -- in addition to the
new, fast initializing versions.)


P.S.  No Perq has a 68000 in it.  Or a 68010.  All have board-level,
micro-programmable CPU's that aren't true bit-slices (like AMD2901's) but
have been described as such since the chip used for the ALU is 4-bits wide
and five are used to construct a 20-bit ALU.  (No, I don't remember which
chip, but it's not a secret.  It's some TI ALU chip.)  And though the
current board has a 20-bit wide ALU, external data paths are 16 bits wide.