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Re: Aside about encapsulations

Sounds  quite interesting; two questions:

1) does your encapsulation notion bear any resemblence to the one
described in the LispMachineMaunal?

2) what do *you* mean by traceing any setfable "location"?  I can
imagine tracing being applicable to SETF instances; and there are the
"good old days" of memory address traps wherein one could invoke a
function whenever any access is made to a specific address.  Finally, I
might mention that "active values" is at the core of LOOPS, and there is
a minimal syntax in LOOPS for specifying "auditing" (similar to
traceing) a particular variable, or a particular record slot.  "Active
values" nest in a way reminiscent of the way that encapsulations work in
the Lisp Machine.

-- JonL --