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Code Generated by Macros

Dave Plummer - Yes, I understand that you can write named DOs, and that
Common LISP should probably have one (and maybe not the DO we actually
have).  I was simply pointing out that standard Common LISP macros
could potentially be written incorrectly.  That macro you supplied,
DOTIMES-NAMED, doesn't seem to work.

Glenn Burke - Huh?  I'm not at all sure what you are trying to say.
PROG is, in fact, no good for this problem since it generates a NIL

Dave Moon - Thank you for that succinct summary.  In fact, we DID
have a problem with DO-ALL-SYMBOLS, because it used DO-SYMBOLS, so
that two NIL blocks were generated and a RETURN would not quite get
all the way out.  That's what I was trying to say.

- Paul