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Bug in CLM?

Regarding the second of your two bugs -- I notice a difference in
terminology in the manual between some functions of chapter 11 and
others.  In particular, some functions are documented like 'package-name'
is, namely it specifies that "The argument must be a package".  But
others, such as 'intern' for example, lack any such constraint, and
use phrases like "the specified package".  

There is such consistency in this choice of phraseology that I take it to 
mean that unless there is a clear statement that the argment must be a 
package datatype, then it is permissible for it to be anything reasonably 
coerceible to a package.  In this case, (intern ... 'KEYWORD) is the same 
as  (intern ... "KEYWORD") and (intern ... (find-package "KEYWORD"))

-- JonL --