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Common Lisp should use lexical scoping

    Date: 11 Apr 85 18:42 PST
    From: masinter.pa@Xerox.ARPA

    Of course, I'm not talking about the scoping of variables, but rather of
    packages. The "package" of a piece of code is really a lexical property
    of the code. The fact that packages are dynamic in extent rather than
    lexical has led to almost all of the problems in defining what happens
    to packages and the compiler. 

Packages aren't dynamic in extent.  They have indefinite extent.  See
Chapter 3.  I'm not sure that the analogy to the "lexical versus
dynamic" dichotomy is a very good way of looking at this, since nothing
in question has dynamic extent.  ("Dynamic scope" really means
indefinite scope and dynamic extent.)

In any case, I'm wondering the same things as Scott.  Could you please
elaborate on your proposal?