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What are we talking about anyway?

    Date: 10 Apr 1985 10:12:15 PST
    From: Dave Dyer       <DDYER@USC-ISIB.ARPA>

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    FYI:  Adding mandatory/optional argument checking to Interlisp-VAX
    would be easy, and incur no additional overhead.
    ReSent-Date: 10 Apr 1985 10:12:15 PST
    ReSent-From: Dave Dyer       <DDYER@USC-ISIB.ARPA>
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Where did THAT header come from?  There is no To: or From: fields.

    Default values for &optional args would require a substantial
    rethinking of the function call mechanism, as would &rest and 

Point of information: Why are people discussing various implementations
of the Interlisp calling strategies on the common-lisp mailing list?  As
I remember, this whole thing started because somebody didn't realize
what keyword arguments (in Common Lisp) are for.