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Proposal for a UNIX subgroup.

I think that it is a good idea for the Common Lisp/Unix people to be
talking about ways of being maximally compatible.  The participants will
have to decide for themselves how much standardization makes sense here.
For example, I'm sure that it is more important to DEC that their own
VMS and Unix versions agree than that their Unix version matches someone
else's.  Same for Lucid, which is working on Unix-based and
non-Unix-based versions and needs to keep them all in sync.  But even
given these constraints, a little communication would keep down the
amount of truly needless incompatibility.

Let me suggest that the people who want to communicate about this stuff
do it on the Common Lisp mailing list for now.  I don't think it would
hurt the rest of us to hear what's going on in this area -- maybe some
of the decisions have consequences outside unix-land.  If the traffic
gets too heavy, or too irrelevant to the rest of the community, then we
can split it off.

-- Scott