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Re: Comments on Array Summary.

It seems that we need a judgement call on whether to copy arrays when
they are undisplaced.

In all cases but #1 you could specify :initial-contents or
:initial-element.  Case #1 supposes that :displaced-to was specified.

Case #4.  You're right, one could choose to not copy the block when the
array was shrinking.  I believe this is what the Spice CommonLisp code

:element-type seemed pretty clear.  It is treated as an error test,
signalling if the array cannot hold elements of that type.

Regarding fill pointers: the case that seems ambiguous is vector-pop.
It signals an error if the fill pointer is zero, and only then.  If a
vector is shrunk to a size smaller than where the fill pointer points,
what do we do?  vector-push and vector-push-extend seem clear about what
to do, return nil or enlarge the vector.