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No change needed for name-domains in package-name space

If we decide that we want a heirarchy of naming authorities for package
names, analagous to ARPA-Internet host-name domains and to Xanadu/Hypertext
trademark names, it can be implemented as a convention without changing
anything in the CL kernel. You simply hyphenate any package names that
aren't at the top level. Thus you'd have LISP and SI and USER etc. but you'd
also. So what's all the fuss about whether or not to have a tree-structured
system of naming authorities when we can do it both ways at the same time
without changing any CL implementation?

Probably we'd let any name be used during debugging, but when exporting a
package to another site we'd want the name of the package to be fully
qualified to avoid any chance of naming conflict later. Thus TEMP856A
might be my first temporary package this month, until I share it with
somebody at H/P at which point I have to change the name to the fully
qualified name given in the previous paragraph.