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Recant: features don't belong in keyword package

In my comparison of benign characteristics of keywords, I completely forgot
the obvious, that you (greek) pointed out, that the boolean fact of whether
the keyword exists or not isn't important, whereas features are essentially
flags. I therefore amend my proposal. Features should be in their own package
or in some system-standard package such as LISP, except for ad hoc (not yet
registered) features which should temporarily reside in their own private
packages to avoid inadvertant name conflict.

After an ad hoc feature turns into an official (registered) feature, it
moves into the standard package for features, and during the transition
period when a user programmer doesn't know where it might be a boolean
OR can be used to select the two possibilities. Thus first REMTEST3:BIGFLOAT
might be a private feature, then when things are stable the name is submitted
to the registry but there's already some registered feature called exactly
BIGFLOAT so my new feature gets called REMBFLOAT or BFLOAT2 or somesuch,
so we ask programmers to say (OR REMTEST3:BIGFLOAT BFLOAT2) for a while,
then after a reasonable time we change the installed feature name to
be BFLOAT2 which is transparent to any program doing the OR. New programs
written after the transition can of course just use BFLOAT2 without the OR.