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Adjusting Displaced Arrays

    Date: Wed, 12 Jun 85 09:29:57 EDT
    From: greek@DEC-HUDSON@think


    2.  Moon stated that adjusting an array never affect the target array.
	Assuming my point #1 is correct, then the target array is affected
	if a) it is specified in the :DISPLACED-TO option, and b) the
	:INITIAL-ELEMENT option is also specified.

	If I'm incorrect here, then I think that implies that the new array
	has to share some element with the original target array and also
	have some of its own!

The problem here is vague language in the manual under ADJUST-ARRAY.
Under MAKE-ARRAY, it says in more than one place that :INITIAL-ELEMENT
and :DISPLACED-TO may not be used together.  This restriction should
apply to ADJUST-ARRAY also.  The language under ADJUST-ARRAY is misleading
in a number of respects about how :INITIAL-ELEMENT and :DISPLACED-TO are