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Erratum on p.107Subject:

    Date: Thursday, 19 Sep 85 10:09:07 PDT
    From: S Sridhar <sridhar%tekchips%tektronix.csnet@CSNET-RELAY.ARPA>

    On p.107 at the bottom of the page where the setq's and apply's occur:

     Replace respectively:
      (setq f '+) ... and
      (apply 'cons ...)

       (setq f #'+) ... and
       (apply #'cons ...)

    This will improve consistency of syntax for function symbols.

This is not an error.  Read the textual description of "apply".  The
description explicitly mentions that you can use a symbol as the first
argument to apply, and gives some rules about doing so.  The examples
that you're referring to were included to illustrate the use of symbols
as functions.  That is, the number-signs were omitted intentionally.