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Franz -> Common Lisp

    Date: 17 Sep 85 16:52:10 PDT (Tue)
    From: Julio Leite <leite@uci-icsd>

    Dear Mr Steele,

	    We at the Reuse Project, over University of California at
    Irvine, are working in a conversion  of a large prototype  system
    from Franz Lisp to  Common Lisp.
	    We suppose that other people had this experience before,
    and we would like to know if you know somebody who did it, and if
    there are any references available.
	    We appreciate your attention, and be sure that any information
    you may have will be very useful to us.
	    Thank you,
			    Julio Cesar Leite
			      UCI - ICS
			     Irvine,Ca 92717

I am forwarding this message to the common-lisp mailing list to
see what information we can come up with.