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More errata

I hope the following textual errors have not been noted before:

461	The index entry "replacd" should be "rplacd".

189	In the line ";;; I just want a few thing from RELATIVITY,",
	"thing" should be "things".

190-1	phlogiston:heat-flow is called with one argument on p. 190
	but defined with three on p. 191.

191	In the function heat-flow, the symbol feeling-weak should
	either be called as a function or declared special.

And one possible style-warning:

147	It's confusing (in the block of code near the bottom of the page)
	to have cadr ... cadddr and then fifth.  I'm not sure, though,
	which way I'd want it instead.

-- Jeff Dalton, AIAI, University of Edinburgh