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comment and errata on synonyms, streams.

The notion of synonym stream seems to me to be the inconsistency.  Why
do we not have "make-synonym-symbol"  by which we mean that
if we do (setq x (make-synonym-symbol 'y))
any operation performed on x is actually performed on y?

Then we could add an extra layer of indirection to ANYTHING.  e.g.
(+ x x) would be like (+ y y). There are great uses for this.  :-)

contribution to ERRATA:

In reading over the chapter on streams, I see on p331 of CLtL that
(with-input-from-string (s "Animal Crackers" :index j :start 6) (read s))
 is alleged to return


This seems to me highly unlikely. It would be consistent if it returned


An interesting puzzle is to figure out how to make it return the answer


 -- RJF