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close queries

    Date: Wed, 21 Aug 85 13:59:15 EDT
    From: robbins@DEC-HUDSON

    What is supposed to happen when an attempt is made to close a synonym stream?
    The manual seems to indicate that it is the stream which is bound to the
    synonym symbol that should be closed, but, I am not sure that this is the
    most desirable behaviour.  What about someone that desires to close the
    synonym stream but not the stream bound to the synonym symbol?

I don't see why close should be treated differently from other stream operations.
I don't know what it would mean to "close the synonym stream but not the stream
bound to" -- what aspect of a synonym stream is there to be closed, other than
the stream it is bound to?

    Is it an error to close *terminal-io*?

I'd think so.  Probably it's a no-op in a lot of implementations, but I can
imagine implementations where it would disconnect your terminal.