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More on reference/pure data, declaration not really needed

After sending that message I realized declarations aren't needed in the
case of (+InPlace Result A B C ... Z). The only true requirement is that
Result get initialized to a modifyable number of the desired type before
calling +InPlace. +InPlace would compute the result as normal, except
being careful not to do any number-consing, then would coerce the result
to the same type as Result previously had, and modify Result to contain
that result.

Note that when you use +InPlace you lose the ability to nest function
calls, thus the in-place-efficient version of (SETQ A (+ B (* C D)))
would be (PROGN (*InPlace A C D) (+InPlace A A B)) using A as a temporary,
although a smart compiler or interpretor ought to be able to recognize
(+InPlace A B (* C D)) and convert it into a totally-efficient calculation
so the user can retain the ability to nest * inside +(InPlace).