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Re: Clearing the screen and other such things.

I'm afraid I agree with most of the criticism of your proposal.  It
all sounds a little odd in an age where bitmaps and variable-width
fonts are so popular.  The fact that you propose functions to erase
the character in front of the cursor and behind the cursor but not
*at* the cursor suggests that you yourself are accustomed to something
smarter than a glass teletype.

In any case, I wanted specifically to object to your use of VALUES:

   ...  It should be possible to say
   to later restore the cursor to the given coordinates.

VALUES is an "upward only" construction, and special forms
notwithstanding, you're trying to pass multiple values to the "setter"
of CHARACTER-POSITION.  Granted, VALUES is asymmetric, and
but VALUES in CL is a first attempt at providing a notation for passing
values to the continuation of the caller, not a substitute for CONS.