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Reminder about the Common Lisp Meeting

I would like to remind you about the Common Lisp meeting, which will be
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Decembers 9, 10, and 11; at:

	Boston Marriott Hotel Copley Place
        110 Huntington Avenue
	Boston, Massachusetts 02117

The room will be ours from 8:30am until 6:00pm each of those days.
There is a block of rooms at that hotel set aside for us. I understand
that it is a fancy hotel, and the rooms are not cheap, even with
the discount I got for the meeting. The rooms are $100 single and
$115 double, which is $60 off the regular rate. When you make your
reservations, specifically mention the Common Lisp meeting.

Here is an important piece of information:

*								       *
*   The block of rooms will be held for us until November 25, and      *
*   they can be booked for the evenings of Decemeber 8, 9, 10.         *
*								       *

The usual caveats apply to this hotel: a reservation without
a guarantee will only hold the room until 6:00pm of the evening
of your arrival. A guarantee is usually an American Express card