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queries about *query-io*

I guess the closest analogy to "batch mode" the lisp machine offers is
a deexposed window with a process running in it.  In this case, when
a process wants to type out or needs input the user is sent a message
that the window requires attention, a la:

	Process SUPDUP1 Wants to type out.

The process can continue to output, and the text will be displayed the
next time the user exposes the window.  When typein is required, the
process will wait until the required input is supplied. It would
probably be most reasonable to have the output of *query-io* go to

As to the question of (y-or-n-p ... ), most batch processes are only
going to use some such construct to signal an unusual event, so it
would probably be better to have the process wait for input (assuming
there is some method to "attach" to the process provided) as opposed
to merely signaling and error and returning, or worse, aborting.