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Declaring Functions

The notion of a function type is mentioned in two places: p. 47 of the
CLM, where the (function ...) type specifier is defined, and p. 158-159,
where (ftype ...) and (function ...) are defined as options to declare.
Are they intended to be the same?  If so, then the second definition
should say that keywords and a (values ...) type specifier are allowed.
If not, then what is the point of a function type specifier, since you
can't feed it to typep anyway?

Also, what is the intended syntax for lambda lists with keywords in
a type specifier?  Somehow,

(deftype make-seq-type ()
  '(function (type integer &key initial-element t) sequence))

doesn't look quite right... Has anybody done anything but punt on
function declarations?

							stan shebs