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    Date: Wed, 23 Oct 85 13:25:24 EDT
    From: greek@DEC-HUDSON

    Mr. Greenberg is certainly correct when he says we don't understand
    all the locking mechanisms that exist.  However, unless I'm off
    base here, it seems to me that CRITICAL-SECTION could be specified
    as locking out ANY possible contention from other tasks, interrupt
    handlers, processors, etc.  If a particular implementation needs
    additional kinds of locking macros, they can add them.

    Perhaps we should define CRITICAL-SECTION as follows:

	    CRITICAL-SECTION (&key options) &body body

    and say that, without options, it locks out "everything".  On the other
    hand, perhaps "everything" is simply too nebulous.

Let me just ask you to think about one thing and then I promise not to send
any more mail.

In Lisp on VAX/VMS, will CRITICAL-SECTION stop VMS from scheduling any processes
that have shared global sections mapped into their address space that are also
mapped into the address space of this Lisp?