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Another printing bug in CLtL

    Date: 2 Oct 85 02:33:00 EDT
    From: Dave <Steiner@RED.RUTGERS.EDU>

    On p. 396 in the examples of using ~G for format, one of the examples

    (foo 3.14E12)  => "*********|314.2$+10|0.314E+13| 3.14L+12"
				     ^                    ^
				     |                    |
				     |                    shouldn't this be E?
				     shouldn't this be a 0?

    uucp:   ...{harvard, seismo, ut-sally, sri-iu, ihnp4!packard}!topaz!steiner
    arpa:   Steiner@RUTGERS

Right you are.  Thank you very much.