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More clarifications

Here are a couple more items which should be included in the

In the description of FUNCTIONP (p. 76) it says that FUNCTIONP is always
true of symbols.  Shouldn't that be changed to say that FUNCTIONP is
true of symbols for which FBOUNDP is true?

In the description of Decoded Time format (p. 444), the Time-zone
component is required to be an integer which is the number of hours west
of GMT.  (The latest term is Coordinated Universal Time, or UTC, by the
way).  Since time zones are not always an integral number of hours west
of GMT, this should be changed to either (a) a non-complex, non-negative
number which is the number of hours west of GMT, or (b) an integer which
is the number of {minutes, seconds} west of GMT.  My personal preference
is for (b) for ease of implementation, but (a) might be preferable for
compatibility with the existing standard.  On the other hand, most
programs dealing with time will probably want to deal with integral time
units.  Having the time zone bias introduce a ratio or a float by
contagion is probably undesirable.  Because of this, and because
Universal Time is defined in units of seconds, I believe the best course
is (b) with seconds, in spite of the incompatibility.  (There are 86400
seconds in 24 hours.)