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Amatuer Archivists.

    Da e:  on ay, No  mb r  5, 1 8   15:1 : 3
    From  s huma he @h  abs.ar a

    Is  t  eally   ce sa y to i  lude  h  @ ( ntire  t xt o  a pr  ious m g  o
    r fe ence i  ?  Gu 's l s  msg w s a  a ticul  l  egr gi us  xample  s art ng  ut
    wi   : 

	Date   u , 26 N v 8  08:42  ST
	Fr m: Ber ard S. Gre nb rg  BS  SCRC-  ONY B OOK. R A 

	    Dat   Mon,  5  ov  5  4:0  PST
	     ro : R ch  d Lam  n < s @RUS I N SPA. y bol  s.COM  

		Dat : Fri  22 No  85 20: 1: 1 E T
		Fr m:  Ge rge J.  arret  " < J @MIT M . RPA> 

     a d th n  epeat n  i    SECO    ime.  R al   folks    ts  ot  ik  we're  ll
     re di g     mail w th a lin    itor. 


Well, if we're all not using line editors, then having all that text
there shouldn't hurt.  The redundant copy was, of course, an error on my
part (sorry).  There is also somewhat of a tradition of allowing large
messages to build up occasionally.  The likelihood of this happening is
inversely correlated with the seriousness of the subject matter.

Please note that, to save space, I have excerpted and condensed your
original message above.