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New, Improved Agenda

Here is an outline of my idea of the agenda we should use for the

Sunday Night:
	Registration and intense lobyying

Monday, December 9
	8:30am  Welcome, registration, and coffee
	(Registration information will used for updating the mailing
	 lists, possible dunning for expenses unless I can sweet talk
	 DARPA into fronting some money for this meeting, and for making
	 sure that the groups are represented.)

	9:00am  Charter Discussion
	Noon	Lunch. You are on your own for this.
	1:30pm	Charter/Validation Discussion
	6:00pm  Dinner (Intense Lobbying and Discussions)

	8:30am 	Coffee
	9:00am  Charter/Validation/ANSI etc Discussion
	12:00   Lunch. You are on your own.
	1:30pm  Object-oriented programming
	6:00pm  Dinner

	8:30am 	Coffee
	9:00am  Windows
	12:00   Lunch. You are on your own.
	1:30pm  Windows/Errors/Varia
	5:00pm  Hit the Road

During the Charter discussion, the following topics will be discussed:

	Fahlman's Proposals

	Inclusion of the recent minor changes and errata to the 
	Common Lisp specification

	Publishing problems - Copyright, additions to the book


	Real standardization

During the object oriented programming session, Symbolics will present
some the developments going on there with respect to flavors. Xerox will
present their plans for CommonLoops testing using an implementation that
they have been working on. I expect that the discussions will focus more
closely on the methods and plans for evaluating the various proposals than
on the detailed technical merits of the proposals.

During the Windows discussion proposals can be presented along with
implementation plans. 

For people who would like to make presentations, here are some guidelines:

	1. Overhead or 35 millimeter slides are OK
	2. Let me know that you want to make a presentation
	   as well as why a formal presentation is necessary.
	3. If you want to include a handout, make at least 50 copies
	   (that's about 1 per group).
	4. Try to limit your presentation to 30 minutes, maximum. I
	   will have a large hook.