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Re: Misc Queries

    Date: Sun, 24 Nov 85 10:30:53 MST
    From: shebs%utah-orion@utah-cs.arpa (Stanley Shebs)
    How about
      (defun more-disgusting (a &optional (b (setq a nil))) (list a b))

    This is almost plausible (you could save a supplied-p for b), and the CLM
    doesn't disallow it.  

I don't see anything at all problematic about this.  a is just a variable like
any other variable.  This doesn't have the problem that the previous examples
had, where the same data were being used for more than one argument: the rest
argument and the keyword arguments.

			  Perhaps the spec could be modified to say that
    initforms may refer to parameters on the left, but not modify them.

I don't see any reason to change the language here.