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Re: Elegant rule for what to copy

            From:  Rem@IMSSS@uw-beaver.UUCP
         Subject:  Elegant rule for what to copy
              To:  COMMON-LISP%SU-AI@SCORE
                                              Interned symbols (IDs) will be
    stop points, but GENSYMs will be recursed through, with another GENSYM of
    exactly the same name replacing it, and with copies of the value and plist
    and function. (In that case READing it back in would accidently INTERN all
    the former GENSYMs, so COPY is more "right" than PRIN1-READ.)

That's not quite right, at least if *print-gensym* has its default value of t.
Instead a gensym would be prin1'd using #: notation, and read back in as a new
gensym with the same print name but *not* with the same plist, value, or function.