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case-sensitivity and portability

I agree completely with your reasoning about why JKF's proposal does not
make it.  I feel the same way you do and have nothing to add.

Masinter's proposal is the only one I have ever heard that actually
meets all of the standard objections.  However, it is a strange
compromise; it tells the case-sensitive folks that it is OK for them to
use mixed-case with sensitivity, but that if they do so, their package
will never be accepted into the yellow pages (nor the white pages, of
course).  It might be an acceptable compromise.  The main problem from
the point of view of the case-insensitive people (us) is that we'd have
to convert every last drop of code to lower case.  Now, I have been
doing that in my own programming for the last few years because I like
the way it looks, but some of my friends who like the way upper case
looks might not be so happy; note that they are essentially required to
use only lower-case even in their own private code!

This proposal deserves serious consideration; I'd like to see more ideas
about it.  (Ideas, not flames, please...)