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Access to documentation strings

We already have a long-form documentation (the manual entry) and a short
pocket-guide sort of entry (the documentation string) for each function.
In the long run, the manual will be available on-line, I am sure.  We
also have (in Spice Lisp, anyway) an on-line way of accessing the
argument-list of a function.  What I question is whether there is any
real use for a super-short one-line documentation string.  Having
attempted to write several of these, I find that it is almost impossible
to say something meaningful and not misleading about most functions in one
line or one short sentence.  That is why I would like to flush this idea
and just go with short and long.  I'm not sure that the Emacs experience
is relevant here.

If we do go with both short and super-short descriptions, I agree that
they should be separate strings hidden in separate places.

-- Scott