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case sensitivity

Just in case there are people who think that case insensitivity is
wanted by a bunch of old fogeys with model 33 teletypes who haven't yet
experienced the joyous revelation of case sensitivity, let me point out
that when I switched from a case-sensitive system and Lisp to a case-
insensitive one, I found it to be a big improvement.  I think this is
because I don't pronounce the upper-case letters when I speak.

So I'm not willing to believe that case-sensitivity is the wave of the
future.  Nor am I willing to believe that having a monocase system
where the case is always lower case is better (or worse) than having
a monocase system where the case is always upper case.

I don't think we can satisfy everybody on this one.  Let's leave things
the way they are unless someone comes up with a concrete, fully
specified, practical proposal for a set of modes that collectively
satisfy everyone and are not incompatible.