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case sensitivity

I agree with Foderaro about case sensitivity, i.e. it should be allowed, but
come to a slightly different conclusion.  Given a case sensitive os, I would
like the following to happen.  If I say 'foo' and foo is a reference to a
lisp object, e.g. a function, I want it to match Foo, fOO or FoO. Id's should
not be sensitive to case. However if 'foo' is being passed to the os,
e.g. a file name, case translation should not occur.

Separating these two situation is non-trivial, and probably not completely
possibly.  If such a differentiated approach is not feasible then the user
should have 2 options:
  1) case sensitive or not
  2) if not case sensitive then a choice of folding to either upper or

Lower case definitely improves readability.  If it is not in the standard
then general acceptance will suffer.

larry seward