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Keyword arguments to LOAD

Here is a revised proposal:

Keyword		Default		Meaning

:PACKAGE	NIL		NIL means use file's native package, non-NIL
				is a package or name of package to load into.

:VERBOSE	*LOAD-VERBOSE*	T means print a message saying what file is
				being loaded into which package.

:PRINT-FORMS	NIL		T means print forms as they are evaluated.
				[Do we want this?  It disappeared from the
				latest Common Lisp manual.]

:ERROR		T		T means handle errors normally; NIL means that
				a file-not-found error should return NIL
				rather than signalling an error.  LOAD returns
				the pathname (or truename??) of the file it
				loaded otherwise.

				T means update the pathname default
				for LOAD from the argument, NIL means don't.

:STREAM		NIL		Non-NIL means this is an open stream to be
				loaded from.  (In the Lisp machine, the
				:CHARACTERS message to the stream is used to
				determine whether it contains text or binary.)
				The pathname argument is presumed to be associated
				with the stream, in systems where that information
				is needed.

The global variables' default values are implementation dependent, according
to local conventions, and may be set by particular users according to their
personal taste.

I left out keywords to allow using a different set of defaults from the normal
one and to allow explicit control over whether a text file or a binary file
is being loaded, since these don't really seem necessary.  If we put them in,
the consistent names would be :DEFAULT-PATHNAME, :CHARACTERS, and :BINARY.