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Re: loop macro

    It sounds like you're in group 3 because you've seen a keyword-oriented
    proposal that you don't like, but you have not yet seen any
    non-keyword-oriented proposal at all.  I hope we'll all get an
    opportunity to compare and contrast a better keyword-oriented proposal
    with someone's best shot at a non-keyword-oriented proposal, before
    we come to a consensus on what Common Lisp should do.

We have a loop macro proposal that is parenthesized.  (It would be misleading
to call it non-keyword-oriented, because it uses keyword symbols to name the
parenthesized clauses!)  It doesn't do everything the Zetalisp loop macro
does, nor does it incorporate all of the speculated improvements, but it's a
start.  The description is a 23 page printed document.  If you'd like a copy,
send your USmail address to:


and ask for

  STL-85-04 "A Loop Macro for Common Lisp"

We also have an implementation in Common Lisp that we could probably make
available if there is interest.