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Defun inside Let

    Date: Fri, 31 Jan 86 12:37 EST
    From: Daniel L. Weinreb <DLW@SCRC-QUABBIN.ARPA>

	Date: Thu, 30 Jan 86 21:03 EST
	From: David C. Plummer <DCP@SCRC-QUABBIN.ARPA>

	That's right, I am bothered by programming environment.  
								 I agree it is
	probably not in CL's domain to address these issues, but it shouldn't
	prohibit it.  Maybe another example?

    I believe that all the problems you've been talking about have to do
    with the poor interaction between lexical scoping and incremental
    programming.  These poor interactions are discussed in the paper "The
    Art of the Interpreter:  Parts Zero, One, and Two" by Guy Steele and
    Gerry Sussman.  They are not incidental design flaws of Common Lisp;
    they are part of the deep nature of lexical scoping.  I don't think they
    represent a "time bomb" in the language.  They just show how lexical
    scoping, itself, has problems when it comes to program development, when
    used in this way.  I don't think any language change is called for.  If
    anybody writes a textbook or something that makes recommendations about
    programming practices and styles, though, they should take these
    problems into account.

    I hope Steele will correct me if I'm wrong.

Sure, I'll correct you if you're wrong.  (I know you'll return the favor.)