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For the next edition, could we introduce functions TRUE and FALSE which 
have these definitions:

 TRUE &rest ignored-arguments			[Function]

  Returns true (ie, the symbol T).

 FALSE &rest ignored-arguments			[Function]

  Returns false (ie, the symbol NIL).

There are places in the error proposal that I'm about to send out to
CL-ERROR-HANDLING which have to use #'(LAMBDA (IGNORE) T) or similar
silliness to get around the fact that #'TRUE and #'FALSE don't exist.
Since these are not something that should go into the error handling
chapter, I'm reluctant to include them directly in that proposal.

By the way, I've observed these to be functions that people write a lot
anyway. Unfortunately, some people/implementations write them with one
argument and some with zero; in my experience, very few people have had
the forethought to generalize their variants to be nary functions. So,
when other applications come along later that want to use them with a
different number of arguments, they can't always do so. Having them built
into the language would help reduce this incident rate of this problem.