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What does LOAD use for read table & package?

    You should not be so quick to say that the "-*-" shouldnt be used. It
    may be ugly but experience has shown that it works very well.

It is fine with me if people want to put funny-looking comments into
their code and if certain implementation-specific tools such as editors
want to pay attention to such comments.  We can even discuss whether the
"-*-" convention should be given some sort of official status within
Common Lisp.  I'm glad we agree that it is ugly.  If we want to specify
some Lisp-accessible attributes of a file, I would certainly hope that
we could do better than retaining this ugly kludge that has,
unfortunately, been around long enough that people have become used to

But all of that is irrelevant to the point I was making.  Let me try
again: There is no mention of "-*-" comments anywhere in the current
definition of Common Lisp.  As far as Common Lisp is concerned,
everything in a comment is ignored.  Any code that depends for its
correct interpretation on the "-*-" not being ignored is not portable
Common Lisp.  Therefore, depending on this construct to set up packages
and the like should be avoided in code that is intended to be portable.
That's what In-Package is for.

-- Scott