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Collecting proposals for packages, readtables, etc.

While the discussion about the relationship between compilation
environment and load environment has been interesting, and the problem
is important (and probably insoluble, given CL's compilation and
modularity paradigms), I want to point out that my message of a couple
days ago, which apparently started this, was asking something very
different and much simpler.  I simply want to be able to set the
readtable (and package) with which a *source* file will be *read* by
COMPILE-FILE and LOAD.  Symbolics Common Lisp gives me no way to do
this, and I wanted to know whether people felt that CL was defined in
such a way that COMPILE-FILE and LOAD, in the absence of standard
(IN-PACKAGE, EVAL-WHEN, etc.) and nonstandard (-*- Syntax: ... -*-)
bindings of package and readtable, are required to respect the bindings
in effect when they are invoked.  If so, then I should report a bug in
Symbolics Common Lisp.

- Jonathan