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Suggestions for language changes

The following suggestions were made to me orally at the
December meeting.  I just ran across my notes again, and
am sending these out now in case I didn't before.

I apologize for the fact that I failed to note who made
which suggestions, and memory fails me.

[1] Clarify what division by zero does.

[2] DENOMINATOR should be allowed to return 0 for non-standard

[3] TAGBODY should allow constants (specifically strings)
in the body, not as tags but simply to be effectively ignored.

[4] Clarify whether DEFSTRUCT or DEFTYPE can redefine a
built-in type.

[5] There should be a way to force a constituent to be purely
alphabetic in the lexer.  Right now there is no way to make
colon be alphabetic and not a package marker, for example.