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Re: Ignoring a list.

This seems like an environment issue to me, and not one that the
language needs to take a stand on.  After all:

- A particular environment might have some really nice way of
implementing and supporting this feature.  It could gray the form out,
or turn it blue or something.  In that environment the "standard" way of
implementing it might not be useful or it might be difficult to provide
really nice environment support for it.

- There is no significant need for a "standard" way to do this because
the only time a user really needs to comment out random forms (in a
hurry) is when they are debugging.  If you are debugging then you
already have to learn enough about the environment that knowing how to
comment out a form does not seem like such a burden.

- To the extent that we do need a "standard" way of doing this (which I
have argued above is a small extent). there is already a standard way of
doing it.  Take the name of the lisp you are using and use #-, as in