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    It's too bad we chose those names, because they are confusing.  :verbose
    isn't very verbose and is not the most verbose of the available options.
    I think we followed Maclisp in this.  If the world were young, I would
    suggest that :verbose print a comment for each item loaded, that the
    default be to print just the "Loading FOO ...done." message, and that
    there be a :silent keyword when you want to suppress all printout.  But
    this is probably not important enough to be worht an incompatible

    -- Scott
Another possibility is to eliminate the :print arg, and have
:verbose take the values of :silent :file  :forms .
I agree with Scott that the default should be to print
something like: "Loading FOO ...done."  [my ":file" option]
I can't stand getting the *silent-treatment* for long computations,
as is conventional in UNIX.