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IGNORE, warnings, and &stuff

    Since &-stuff in the lambda list is already treated as magic, I propose
    adding a new lambda list keyword called &IGNORE.  Writing

    	(lambda (x &ignore y &ignore z) ...)

    should be equivalent to

    	(lambda (x g0001 y g0002 z)
    	  (declare (ignore g0001 g0002))

I really don't like this.  The other &-thingies are punctuation within
the lambda list which separate the variables into groups; they are not
stand-ins or place-holders for the variables themselves.  At present,
users can scan a lambda list and see each top-level item in the list
grabs one of the arguments unless it is one of these &-markers.  &IGNORE
would mess this up.

I would find IGNORE much less objectionable than &IGNORE in this role,
even if it carves one extra symbol out of the namespace.  But I still
think that the existing IGNORE declaration does the job just fine,
except in code passed down from the ancients.

-- Scott