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We are entering a new stage....

We are entering a new stage in japan.

First,` it is my great pleasure to tell you all that we had have a firm link to USA.
Since this april, Utokyo-relay, which is also called as ccut, is now an offical node of CSNet,
with the efforts of many university professors.
This mail is directed through csnet.
With this link, I can communicate with many key members in USA more
conveniently than last year.
So, I am trying to communicate with arpa bboard.

Second, as the chair, I finished the first year of our commonlisp committee at jeida,
Japan Electronics Industries`Development Association, and now entering
the second year from this April.
Please don't missunderstand the committee I am talking of is closed against USA.
We have several members from  subsidaries`of US companys,
such as xerox, symbolics, digital, data`general, univac.
I reported the existence of the committee to several key members of USA,
and at IJCAI'85 press conference.
I want to assist to grow up Common Lisp community in Japan.
We have a meeting once a month.
This year, we want to do the followings.
1) finish the subset spec discussions after one year efforts and compile a subset draft.
2) make a kanji standard`for`CommonLisp.
3)`try to contribute the object oriented discussions.

I will send`a report to this bboard periodically.

Thank you

Masayuki Ida (Assoc.Prof. Aoyama Gakuin University)

(ida is aliased to my registered code, A37078)
UUCP: ...!hplabs!kddlab!ccut!ida
 (UUCP link over the pacific ocean may fail accidentally